Why to choose live trux?

5 reason to choose Livetrux

Livetrux is the freight load board to enable you to move cargo at no expense. Post burdens to get coordinated with the best bearers, look

for trucks, and track your freight continuously.

top 5 reasons to choose live trux are

1. Livetrux gives you access to the largest carrier network
in America. Post freight or search for trucks at no cost. trux has Hundreds of verified carriers are added to Livetrux each hour. Find the best match for you based on location, equipment, and safety rating.
3.  Track your freight With 600,000 truck drivers actively using the Livetrux app you can easily access more than a third of the U.S. trucking capacity.
4. Livetrux is the highest rated and most popular app to find freight. Actively used by over 100,000 owner operators it allows you to instantly find available freight on the go.
5.A suite of apps solutions to move America‚Äôs freight. Thousands of dispatcher look for loads daily, while hundreds of freight companies post their freight online. We help connect the two.

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